The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region


  • TANESCO Mwakibete Sub-station 220/33KV in Mbeya City

  • Power Distributor in Wakulima Tea Company

Various sources of energy are being used in Mbeya Region for domestic purposes like cooking, lighting and heating; non-domestic and industrial purposes like running of various machines in industries and commercial businesses. These include hydroelectricity, solar, thermal, biogas, fossil and fire wood. In Mbeya Region, electricity is available in all the districts. This means that all districts in the Region use this source of energy.

Energy: The situation
Mbeya like most of other regions in Tanzania is connected to the National power grid. The energy sources of national power grid include; hydroelectric power, generators, natural gas, thermo power and coal. There are plans by some firms to produce electricity from other sources. For example, Mbeya Cement Company is planning to seek for an alternative energy using husks from coffee and rice.

Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) is the main transmitter and distributor of electricity in Mbeya. Every district in the region is well served by electricity from TANESCO except a new district of Momba whereby the government is taking immediate initiative to ensure availability of electricity. According to TANESCO regional report, Mbeya region is receiving a capacity of 105 Megawatts from national grid while only 38 Megawatts has been utilized. Therefore the region has an extra capacity of 67 Megawatts of electricity which could be utilised by prospective investors.

Alternate Energy Solutions
Alternate energy solutions are being encouraged as the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient way for bringing basic electricity to communities far from the transmission lines. Possible off-grid power solutions are; solar energy, wind energy, hybrid systems, biogases plants, and conventional diesel generators.