The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Regional Commissioner’s Message

Welcome to Mbeya Region,
Karibuni Mkoani Mbeya

Mbeya Region is located in the south-western corner of the southern highlands of Tanzania.  The Region lies between latitude 70 and 90 31’ south of the Equator and between longitude 320 and 350 east of Greenwich. In 2015 Mbeya Region was divided into two Regions of Mbeya and Songwe.
The newly formed Mbeya Region, shares borders with the Republic of Malawi and Zambia to the South, Songwe Region to the West, Singida and Tabora Regions to the North and Iringa and Njombe Regions to the East with Kasumulu in Kyela district being the main entrie and exit into the neighbouring country of Malawi.

Apart from our own efforts, the region wishes to attract investments from domestic and foreign investors as well as economic organizations for the purpose of exploiting the regions opportunities on the basis of mutual benefits in various areas. Other opportunities will be explored in detail in the sector presentations. With that background in mind, let me ask you to pay particular attention to the coming presentations, which will give you a clearer picture of the investment potentials in Mbeya region.

Lastly, I wish you fruitful discussions and good stay in Mbeya especially for those who are coming from outside the region.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you in making Mbeya Region a vibrant investment location in Tanzania.

Welcome to Mbeya Region!

Karibuni Mkoani Mbeya!
Hon. Amos G. Makalla