The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

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Mbeya Region is located on the south-west of Tanzania mainland, commonly known as Southern highland. It boarders with four Regions namely Rukwa, Tabora, Iringa and Ruvuma. It is accessible by road and TAZARA railways from Dar es Salaam through Pwani, Morogoro and Iringa Regions; it is a junction to Rukwa Region through Tunduma and a junction to Tabora and Singida through Chunya and Itigi-Manyoni districts.

The Region originally belonged to the Southern Highlands Province. In 1963 the Southern Highland Province was split into two Regions, namely Mbeya and Iringa. In 1972 Mbeya Region was extended to incorporate the district of Sumbawanga which before then belonged to the Western Province. However, the inclusion of Sumbawanga did not last long because in 1974 joined up with Mpanda and form Rukwa Region.

Although not all the roads are passable easly during rainy seasons, they expected to be so in the near future when the connections to Sumbawanga and Tabora will be tarmac.

The Region is located below the equator between latitudes 70 and 9031’.
Longitudinally the Region is situated between 320 and 350 east of Greenwich. To the north, it shares borders with Tabora and Singida Regions and on the east borders Iringa Region. To the south it shares borders with Ruvuma while on the west there is Zambia and Malawi countries. With Tunduma and Kasamulo in Mbozi and Kyela districts respectively being the main entries and/or exits into neighbouring countries of Zambia and Malawi respectively.