The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Ethnic Groups

The main indigenous ethnic groups are the Nyakyusa, Ndali, Nyiha, Nyamwanga, Bungu and Safwa

Others who form significant minorities are the Kisi, Malila, Masai, Kinga, Hehe, Wanji, Sukuma and the Sangu. The Nyakyusa are mainly in Kyela, Mbeya and Rungwe districts while the Sukuma, Sangu, Hehe, Kinga and Masai predominate in Mbarali district. The Ndali on the other hand are the major ethnic group in Ileje and Rungwe districts. The Safwa people, mostly found in Rungwe, Mbeya and Chunya districts, form a group of special interest, that is still dependent on casual works as it was during colonialism, of which were taken as “Manamba” to plantations in Tanga, Morogoro, Kilombero and (TPC) Kilimanjaro