The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Investment in Tourism

  • Meteorite in Mbozi District “Kimondo cha Mbozi”

  • The Ngosi Crater Natural Lake on top of Uporoto range of Mountain in Rungwe District

  • “The Kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji)” found in Rungwe - Livingstone Mountain Ranges, Rungwe District

  • “The Kipunji (Rungwecebus kipunji)” found in Rungwe - Livingstone Mountain Ranges, Rungwe District

  • Ihefu Wetland Plains Tour by Flying Boat in Mbarali district

  • Mount Loleza in Mbeya City

  • Daraja_la_Mungu Rungwe

  • Mwalalo waterfalls

Investment Opportunities in Tourism

i. Tourists supporting services and facilities such as camping sites, hotels and restaurants, holiday resorts, permanent tented camps, lodges, guest houses, textile fashion, mountain climbing.
ii. Tour operators, tour services, travel and tour management, car hire activities, Hunting safaris, Tour guide.
iii. Tourism Marketing and Promotion.
iv. Boat safaris in Lake Nyasa.
v. Conference tourism.
vi. Geo-tourism, community and eco-based tourism (Ngosi and Masoko crater lakes, the Mbozi meteriorite, Kaporogwe waterfalls),
vii. Cultural Tourism.
viii. Hunting and photographic safaris at Ruaha-Usangu National Park;
ix. Bird and primate watching safaris (Ngozi Crater Lake).
x. Water sporting service, e.g. snorkelling, diving, watching ornamental fish (Lake Nyasa).
xi. Mountain climbing, skying and hiking safaris (Mbeya range, Mount Rungwe, Livingstone Mountains, Poroto Mountains)
xii. Tourist camp sites at the shores of Lake Nyasa, e.g. Matema, Mwaya and Njisi beach.
xiii. Expedition support services: Mbeya lies on the Johannesburg-Cairo Expedition Route.
xiv. Tour safari services: Mbeya is the transit point to Kitulo National Park and Katavi National Park in Rukwa region.
xv. Sport fishing in lakes Nyasa and Rukwa; and Kiwira, Songwe, Lufilyo and Mbaka rivers.