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Investment in Natural Resources

  • Bee hive in the region, Miombo woodlands forest mentioned above are characterized of rich millineries species that make suitable sites for nursing bee colonies

  • Common flowers

  • Common flowers

  • A portion of Natural forest and compartment of Pine trees in Kawetere in Mbeya District

  • Lake Rukwa Fishing Activities in Chunya District

Natural Resources Situation and Its Investments

Natural Resources: The Situation
Mbeya region is well endowed with the renewable and non-renewable natural resources such as forestry, wildlife, honey bees, minerals, etc. In view of that, the region has made major efforts in developing these natural resources. 

i. Forestry
Mbeya region has about 15,059,400 hectares of land area covered mostly with miombo woodland forests. There are also some plantations of pine trees in various areas including Kawetere in Mbeya District. Forest resources serve a variety of functions including timber, fuel-wood, honey production and environment conservation.

ii. Wildlife
Wildlife resources found in Mbeya region are extensive. They include wild animals such as leopards, lions, cheater, elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, and a variety of birds like ostrich and water ducks.

iii. Fisheries
There are two lakes in Mbeya where fishing activities are carried in deep water. These are Lake Rukwa and Nyasa, all with fresh water. The former is known for its high population of crocodiles and it is major source of fish consumed in the region. Lake Nyasa is known for ornamental fish and delicious “Mbasa” fish.

iv. Beekeeping
Miombo woodlands forest mentioned above are characterized of rich millineries species that make suitable sites for nursing bee colonies. Beekeeping activities are carried in the region on commercial basis by small scale entrepreneurs.

Investment Opportunities in Natural Resources
Given the abundance of natural resources in Mbeya Region there are many investment opportunities which can be exploited by investors. The following are potential investment opportunities in the region:

i. Forestry
a) Forest plantation.
b) Processing of forestry products (forestry industries) such as treated poles for both local and export purposes.
c) Forest extracts (herbs).

ii. Wildlife
a) Establishment of animal Zoo
b) Establishment of private animal parks
c) Wild animal farming e.g. crocodile , snake, ostrich farming

iii. Fisheries
a) Commercial fishing in Lakes Nyasa and Rukwa.
b) Fish and fish products industries.
c) Fisheries supporting facilities and services such as refrigeration, boat building, transport and cold storage.
d) Fish farming especially in Rungwe, Ileje, Mbarali and Mbeya districts.
e) Supply and maintenance of fishing gears and equipment
f) Research and development in the fishing industry.

iv. Beekeeping
a) Production of Beekeeping gears
b) Honey processing and wax production