The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Investment in Industries and Manufacturing

  • Carbon Dioxide extraction and tapping at Kyejo Gas Industry in Rungwe District.

  • Tea processing at Wakulima Tea Company in Rungwe District.

  • Cocacola Processing Plant in Mbeya

  • Mbeya Cement Company Ltd. at Songwe Area in Mbeya District.

  • Tanzania Breweries Limited Mbeya Plant

Industries and Manufacturing and Investment Opportunities in Industries and Manufacturing

Industries and Manufacturing
Industial sector is very important in the economy. It is a foreign exchange earner and could also be the main source of employment especially in the urban areas. Mbeya Region is like Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza where industrial development is improving drastically. Most of the industries are based on agro and forests product processing, manufacturing and livestock products processing.

Due to reliable markets and availability of raw materials, significant numbers of large scale industries have been established in the region, these include Cement Industry, Breweries, tea processing, soft drinks industries and granite and marble industries.

A large long lived agro processing industry in Tanzania is Wakulima Tea Company which produces tea leafs in collaboration with small holders at Rungwe District. It process quality tea and park for export market.

Considering value addition in products, Small and Medium Industries operating under SIDO provide a good support to the manufacturing industry in the region.  Based on agro, livestock and forest products processing, they provide a leading role in industrial sector. The medium industries include coffee processing, gas extraction, drinking water processing and packaging, soap processing and poultry (hatchery) industries.

Carbon Dioxide extraction and tapping at Kyejo Gas Industry in Rungwe District.
The industry is under Tanzania Oxygen Company Limited. It is the sole manufacturer and distributor of industrial and medical gases in Tanzania.

Investment Opportunities in Industries and Manufacturing
Given the abundance of resources and supporting services in Mbeya, there are ample opportunities in industries investment. The raw materials from agriculture, mining and natural resources make Mbeya Region an optimal location for variety of manufacturing industries. The current operating transport systems, telecommunication industry networks and the available financial services could effectively be used to support industrialization in the region.

Several investment opportunities are available for industries and manufacturing in Mbeya Region.
They include:
a) Mineral water production in the Lake Rukwa and Rufiji Basins.
b) Initiation of Industrial and Technology Parks
c) Agro - processing industries
d) Agricultural equipment and supplies
e) Industrial support services facilities
f) Organic fertilizer production industries
g) Animal products processing such as meat canning, leather products processing
h) Handcrafts production from bamboo tree, banana leaves
i) Ceramics and lime products.
j) Bio-gas processing
k) Hides and skin tanning
l) Production of quality furniture
m) Small and medium scale dairy products processing
n) Wood poles manufacturing
o) Textile mills