The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Investment in Energy

  • TANESCO Mwakibete Sub-station 220/33KV in Mbeya City

  • Power Distributor in Wakulima Tea Company

Investment Opportunities in Energy

i. Electricity generation, transmission and distribution
ii. Electricity generation from coal (Kyela, Ileje, Rungwe, Chunya and Momba districts).
iii. Electricity generation from husks of coffee and rice.
iv. Development of alternative Energy Solutions: solar energy, wind energy, hybrid systems and biogases plants.
v. Provision of support services to the energy sector: maintenance of machinery and supply of spares.
vi. Generation of electricity from small water falls (mini-hydro electric power stations at Kiwira river, Kaporogwe Falls and Mbaka falls)