The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Investment in Economic Infrastructure

  • TAZARA Station Mbeya

  • TAZARA Train Wagons to Kapirimposhi Zambia

  • Songwe International Airport – Mbeya

  • Mbeya Cement Company Ltd. at Songwe Area in Mbeya District.

  • Beverages Plant in Mbeya

  • Tanzania Breweries Limited, Mbeya

Economic Infrastructure: The situation and Investment Opportunities in Economic Infrastructure

Economic Infrastructure: The situation

Road and Road Transport
Mbeya is a hub that creates a quick connection to East, Central and Southern African countries by road, railway, water and air. The road network include tarmac road joining Dar es Salaam to Mbeya on the way to Malawi and Zambia which also connect six administrative districts. The remaining road network within the region is passable throughout the year. There are more than 50 buses that conduct services throughout the region as well as outside the region. Transportation of goods is done by several trucking companies including Malawi Cargo.

Railway and Railway Transport
There is a Railway line that runs from Dar es Salaam to Kapirimposhi Zambia via Mbeya under the Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA). The railway operates both passengers and goods transportation.

Civil Aviation and Air Transport
There is a newly established Songwe International Airport which is operating and still under expansion to cater for large planes for both passengers and cargo to the rest of the world. There are also small airports for non-scheduled air transport services for both National and International is operating in Chunya, Mbarali and Rungwe.

Marine Transport
Marine transport in Mbeya region is done through Lake Nyasa. There are ships travelling to the southern part of Tanzania (Ruvuma region) and neighbouring country of Malawi. Itungi port is the only port in Lake Nyasa which belongs to Mbeya region, currently the port is invaded by sands hence cannot be usefully for transporting cargo.

Telecommunication and Media Coverage
Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing industries in Tanzania. Initially Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) was the only company offering telecommunication facilities within and outside the country but the introduction of cellular telephony has created a big competition followed by innovative services.

Mbeya region enjoys a wide coverage of cellular telephone services up to most remote areas. These include TIGO, VODACOM, AIRTEL and ZANTEL. New mobile users are attracted to subscribe to available companies in the region to facilitate their business communications and this has reduced the number of movement of people with goods.
Mbeya region also enjoys media diversity including print media in Kiswahili and English such as Daily News, Habari Leo, Sunday News; The Guardian, Nipashe,  just to mention a few. Radio (both local, national and international coverage – Mbeya Fm, Radio Free Africa, Radio One, Clouds FM, Radio Maria, Generation FM, Bomba FM, TBC Taifa, TBC FM, BBC). Thre are Television stations such TBC, Star TV, ITV, Channel Ten, etc. The media is able to cover most districts and offers up-to-date information about Mbeya Region.

Financial Institutions
Mbeya has a Bank of Tanzania (BoT) branch, which has effectively contributed to the overall development of the region as well as other parts of the Southern Highlands Zone through provision of different monetary, economic and financial services to stakeholders in the area. The Bank of Tanzania ensures the existence of a financial system that provides smooth, efficient and effective financial services to the economy. The Bank guarantees Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) performance through Export Credit Guarantee Scheme (ECGS).

Besides, Mbeya Region has reputable commercial banks and financial institutions which assure the availability of financial resources. The commercial banks include CRDB, NBC, NMB, Barclays, Stanbic, Exim, Postal Bank, Akiba, BOA, CBA, TIB and Diamond Trust. These banks are operating internationally with much reputation and experience to handle all financial operations worldwide.

Exhibition and Conference Services
Mbeya Region is among the Zonal exhibition centre for agricultural fairs in the country. It has a big exhibition ground which is used zonal agricultural shows. The ground can be used for other events such as trade fair and business fora. The Region also has conference services for different audiences.

Investment Opportunities in Economic Infrastructure
i. Road and Roads transport
a) Public Private Partnership in road construction and maintenance.
b) Provision of road construction and maintenance support services, such as supply of heavy machinery and service parts.
c) Long - distance transport for passengers and specific purposes, such as tours and safaris.
d) Freight transport

ii. Civil Aviation and Air Transport
a) Airport support services (catering, forwarding and clearing, cleaning, Fuel servicing)
b) Air charter services
c) Cargo handling
d) Aeroplane maintenance and repair
e) Provision of passenger and freight transport services
f) Construction of container depots and container freight stations.
g) Warehousing

iii. Lake Transport
a) Port construction and maintenance at Itungi Port and Matema.
b) Provision of passenger and freight transport services
c) Ship/boat building and maintenance
d) Lake transport and ports support services

iv. Financial Services
a) Operating financial services with international reputation (banking services)
b) Insurance services
c) Electronic Banking Products and Services
d) Micro-financing
e) Higher purchase
f) Stock exchange markets
g) Bureau de-change
v. Real Estate Development
a) Land management and Surveying
b) Technology Parks, especially near industrial and institutions.
c) Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
d) Business and Industrial Parks
e) Construction of modern markets

vi. Information Communication and Technology (ICT)
a) ICT parks, another “Silicon Valley”
b) Software development
c) Hardware supply and manufacturing
d) Training and Development in ICT

vii. Exhibition and Conference Services
a) Construction and management of international exhibition and conference facilities/centres.
b) Investment in Mwakangale (NaneNane) Exhibition Grounds
c) Marketing of exhibition and conference facilities/centres