The United Republic of Tanzania, President's Office Regional Administration and Local Goverment, Mbeya Region

Busekelo District

Busokelo District Council is one of the newly established districts council in Tanzania and it has been split from Rungwe District Council in the year 2012 after a long series of reform and the need to give services to the community adequately and efficiently.
Geographical Background
Busokelo District Council lies between latitudes 8° 30’ East at 9° 30’ south of the Equator and Longitudes 33’ and 34’ east of Greenwich Meridian.  The Council shares borders with Kyela District in South, Rungwe District Council in the West, Makete District in the East and Mbeya District in the North.  The Busokelo District Council headquarters is situated at Lwangwa Township which is 47 Km from Tukuyu Town.
Land area
The Council covers a total of 969.14 Sq Km of which 85 percent of total land area is used for Agriculture while the remaining land 15 sq km is covered by   forest, mountainous and residential area. 
The climate condition of the District is a function of altitude. The District is mountainous with Rungwe Mountain and Livingstone ranges rising from an altitude of 770 meters to 2,265 meters above sea level.  Rainfall average 900mm in the low land areas to 2700mm on the highland.  Temperature is generally moderate and range from 18° – 25° all the year round.
Administrative structure
The Council consists of 1 division namely: Busokelo wherein there are 11 Wards and 56 registered villages.  The villages are further sub – divided into 231 sub – villages popularly known as hamlets.
Population size and density
On the basis of the year 2012 population census, Busokelo District Council had 96,348 people out of which 53,704 equivalents to 54% were females and 43,142 equivalents to 46% were males.  The council has 2,773 households.
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